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Is it Time to Fire Me?

I have started and run several businesses. I have also watched my friends and colleagues start and run their own businesses. Over the years, I decided that all of us fall into one of three categories: 1) those of us who should have never started a business; 2) those of us who should have started and run a business; and 3) those of us who should have started and at some point turned the business over to someone else to run. This blog is about the third category of people; those who should have started but not continue to run the business through its lifecycle.

Slim Chance in a Fat World: Can Entrepreneurs Help?

It seems paradoxical that two of our major life-threatening worldwide challenges are at opposite ends of the nutrition spectrum. At one extreme, increasing portions of the world’s population are at risk of under-nourishment and/or starvation. At the other extreme, increasing portions of the world’s population are obese and at risk for associated consequences.

Cannibals Prefer Those with No Spine

How many days have there been in the past year that you did not have thoughts about competitors and/or competition? If you are in business, I suspect not very many. Why do we spend time and energy thinking about competitors? One of the most frequently cited reasons is that we are afraid if we ignore our competitors they will eat…. our case. As we (some) Southerners would say, “they will eat us alive.” While perhaps not a very pleasant connotation, the metaphor seems to fit today’s business climate a bit too well for comfort.

The Future is Just Not What It Used to Be

Hockey buffs are well aware of Walter Gretzky’s advice to a young Wayne regarding skating to where the puck is going, not where it has been. Wayne later surmised that a good hockey player skates to the puck but a great hockey player skates to where the puck is going to be.